Saturday, 13 February 2016

Xamarin Developers - Kenya

Hey there Devs,

In a previous post I described  a couple of procedures to follow when installing Xamarin on(sic) your machine. Troubleshooting is necessary:Especially if it comes from someone who has faced the issues and solved them. Though what was covered was not thorough,OSes vary and so does the problems-that's why we need to have a forum as Kenyan Devs to share  the problems and solutions, you know a problem halved is a problem solved(-something like that). However...

Since that post I have realized the ways to getting Xamarin has been simplified;I initially mentioned that you can get it from the students portal . Now Microsoft and so many others has thrown their weight in supporting the platform.You can get it now from DreamSpark and even get free on-demand training from Dev Essentials Bundle . And lots more.

Xamarin has truly pervaded the dev space.And as a Kenyan Dev, it's a great time to be alive. To complement this and foster a learning and sharing process I came up with a Slack group- Xamarin Developers-Kenya . It's a growing group and it'll be great for you to be part of it.

I don't know the safest way to do this but you can mail me your official names...Please be nice!

As I said we're growing...

Join Us

I urge you to join us in this platform to get the latest updates,tips ,code samples and snippets and more from the wider Kenyan Xamarin Developer community.

See you there.

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