Monday, 9 November 2015

A Simple WebRTC demo with Passport Authentication

Hello Guys

So as of late I went back to flexing my muscles on Web Development. I and a couple of friends decided to develop this awesome project built on top of WebRTC APIs.

The project facilitates peer-to-peer video-conferencing, file-sharing,and screen-sharing.It is aimed at large institution that are faced with the issue of travelling lecturers. The project should also facilitate peer-to-peer text communication.

As of now (November 9th 2015),however,text chat does not work-that does not mean it will not;it's work in progress. Video-conferencing works amazingly well,so does screen sharing and file-sharing.

I know you're just itching to get your hands on the code,but,the project I have to admit is very bulky(-thanks to the huge node modules and styles and locally hosted scripts).When am through I promise to host the code on my Github page and edit this blog-post accordingly.

So just a small lap around the project:there's a home page,a login/signup screen ,a profiles page,and and an activities page where you can go ahead and share with your peers.


  1. I used NodeJS for the back-end(-this project had to be lightweight in functionality) 
  2. EJS(Embedded JavaScript) for templating,you can still use html
  3. MongoDB for storing user credentials 
  4. Passport for authentication
Here's the video ,tell me what you think.

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